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Dora scrapbook page ideas

Scrapboking Ideas

scrapbooker Kale80
He daughter LOVES Dora! Font is Stamp Act Jumbled. (downloaded from the internet) Got Dora and logo

scrapbooker shelly49
She made this for a layout She is working on from when we met Dora and Boots last week at the mall

There is a website titled Two Peas in a bucket. It is a great Scrapbooking site. If you go the the photo gallery and then do a search for posts. Type in "Dora the Explorer" and just "Dora", you will beable to see a lot more layouts done of her.

If you are looking for Dora paper or stickers to create Dora layouts go to a website mouse memories. They just got in Dora stickers and paper.


Bottle caps are all the rage now. take some bottle caps from home and create Dora bottle caps for your scrapbook pages

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scrapbooker ScrapprJes

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