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Dora, Boots and Swipper say HI!

Kids love Dora! As a parent of a four year old, and a new baby girl watching Dora the Explorer has become a daily ritual at our house.

Dora lives with her Mama and Papi, though she often visits her Abuela (grandmother). Dora loves blue berries.Dora loves to go on advertures with her best friend Boots.She loves animals,and plants that live in the jungle. Dora carries things in her backpack. And never leaves her home without her map.
Dora has many friends. There is Boots, Isa, Tico, Fiesta Trio, Benny, and Senor Tucan. She also has a cousin named Diego. Diego loves to talk to animals and loves to help them too.
Boots is a five year old monkey. He loves to hold Dora's hand, to eat bananas, and his shiny red boots.
Isa is a six year old iguana. Isa loves flowers. She has a flower garden that she loves to water. Her favorite flower is a Sunflower.
The Fiesta Trio are made up of a snail who plays cymbals,a grasshopper who plays an accordion and a frog who plays the drum.
Tico is a four year old squirrel. He speaks spanish.He loves to wear a colorful striped vest. He has a bushy tail.
Benny is a six year old bull. He wears a blue bandana. He loves to ride in his hot air balloon.
Senor Tucan loves to help all of his friends. He speaks spanish.
Backpack and Map help Dora on all of her adventures.
Then there is Swipper is Fox. Swipper is always trying to swipe Dora and Boots' stuff. To stop him Dora and Boots shout," Swipper no Swiping, Swipper no Swiping, Swipper no Swiping!"
The new episods now has explorer stars which helps Boots and Dora on their adventures.

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