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The Unoffical Dora the Explorer Website
Sticky Tape Crafts

Fun ideas you and your kids can make together.

Each month I will add a different craft that you can make with your kids. Kids play to learn and here are some great ideas to incorperate Dora with this idea.
I hope that you enjoy it.

Swiper and Boots:
cylinder people are fun things that you and your children can make. Each person needs their own toilet paper roll.
To Make:
Download file
Print it out on you printer.
Cut out the templet.
Glue on the rectangular body onto the tube.
Second glue the belly in the middle.
now glue the head at the top, the feet at the bottom, and the arms on each side.


click here to download file


click here to download swiper

Here is a memory game. You play it just like any other memory game. Mix up the card face down. Start with the youngest player,and then go to the oldest. each player picks two cards. If you get two that match you get to go again.
Print this out color it and then for extra durability print on cardstock. Do not forget to print each file twice. Then have it laminated.

click here to download memory game file

click here to download memory game file

Learning about money is fun! Here is something you can do together. Print out the wallet and the money. Let your kids color them in. Do not forget print out on cardstock and laminate for extra durability.

click here to download dora money file

click here to download Dora wallet file

A mother asked me about Dora underwear. Here is the answer that I gave her.
supplies that you will need:
1. Plain white underwear ( boy or girl)
2. iron on paper ( Walmart or an office supply store)
3. Coloring pages
First go to the Nick jr website and print off the coloring pages. You and your child can color them together. When you are done shirnk the image to about three inches tall. You can do this on the computer with a scanner or if you go to a copy store like Kinko's. Try fitting a few characters on one sheet. Then have the images printed on the iron on transfer paper. The Last step is to follow the direction that the iron on paper came with.



Boots Costume Idea:
Items need:
White sweatsuit
pipe cleaners
stuffing (for tail)
purple dye
red rain boots
yellow fabric paint
pink felt or fabric (for the ears)

Get a headband that is for little girls. Then take and print the templet proved for the ears.Cut out the pattern on dyed white fabric, four times.Cut out the inner ear piece out of pink felt two times. Then sew or stitch it on to two of the four pieces. Sew two pieces pieces together right sides together, one of them needs to be one of the pieces with the pink felt stitched on. Turn right side out and stuff it with stuffing. Then glue them toward the bottom of the headband.Gluing oneflap at a time to the headband. For Boots hair on the top take pipe cleaner and put them inside two pieces of fabric that have been cut in the shape of his hair to help it stand up. Do not forget to stuff the hair with stuffing. Glue this at the top of the headband.
Next find a light purple or dye a white sweatsuit light purple (following the instructions on the bottle of the dye. Next paint a Yellow oval on the Front of the Sweat top.
For the tail, print templete and cut out the pattern. Sewing will be needed.
Make sure that you have a pair of Red Rain boots. To make the colors match I suggest that you dye white fabric and the sweatsuit at the same time.
For the face just use pink face paint and looking at a picture of boots paint childs face.

click here to download file

click here to download hair pattern file

click here to download tail pattern file

For the little girls that like paper dolls. Here is a Dora the Explorer paper doll. Click to download her body, outfit, dress and pj's. Let your daughter color it or you can color it. To make sure that it will last print out on cardstock and have it laminated.  

click here to download Dora paper doll file

click here to download dora clothes file

click here to download Dora dress file

click here to download Dora Pj's file

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