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Swiper's Swipes

Swiper No Swiping! Swiper No Swiping! Swiper No Swiping!



GOt a child that you know loves Dora. There is a site that makes Dora cookies and then sends them to the kids. WAY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Christmas ornaments are coming and Dora and boots are here as ornaments.

In this column I'll include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming toys that you can buy. Where to find them and where the best deals are.
8/27/02  Today a wonderful mother emailed me telling me that Leap Pad has made a book for their My First Leap Pad. The books range for about $14.99. If you go to you can order them online. They whould be out by Sept.
8/20/02 Costco Warehouse has gotten in the new Dora the Explorer PC game. It is about 14.99. There will also be a second game that will be coming out. Enjoy.

FISHER PRICE TOYS has done it again. I was at Toys R US today and there they were three new Dora toys.
1. We Did it! Dancing Dora
2. Dress me Dora.( a doll with hair and clothes to change)
3. Action figure set. ( Boots, Swiper, Dora were the figures, the map is the board for you to play on that rolls back up and talks to the character. Backpack is a small backpack that everything fits in.
Also at Toys R Us was BOY PJ. I could not believe it. There was a Swiper and a Boots. Both were very cute. They are 14.99. I got mine on sale for 10.00.

Right now I know that Lisa's toys is selling Dora the Explorer merchandise from Learning Curve.
Target, Walmart and Kmart do have some Dora the Explorer stuff.
There are now Dora the Explorer books out there. I have seen them at bookstores, Walmart, Target and at discount stores like Tjmax, Ross and Marshalls.
Certificate books are out there as well. These books have stickers and such in them.  There are also coloring books out there.
So, now that the toys are coming ever so slowly keep your eyes peeled. You might just run into them in a store near you.
Dora party supplies are in. I just saw them at my local Walmart.

Robinson's May, Hechts, and Kaufmann's are selling some Dora, Boots and Swipers for 9.99. They do have little girl outfits at all Roninson's May stores But From what I am finding the stores are slow at getting them.

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. You can now get Dora merchandise at May company stores. I was able to buy a Swiper and Boots. They say it will be shipped and recieved in 5 to 9 days. The cost is 12.99 for boots, swiper, Dora is 16.99. There is then a 3.00 shipping charge. BUT AT THIS POINT NO BACK ORDERS.


Payless shoes now sells Dora shoes.
You can also find a few toys and things at the Walmart.
Dora toys are starting to be every where. They are just hard to find.



Just wanted to let all you Dora lovers know that Kohl's and it's sister stores have wonderful new Dora toys. Musical Dora, Backpack and Boots toys. An adventure playset, crayon drawing set, a stamp set and a Dora art set with paper and Dora magna doodle. All made by Fisher Price. They are really cute and 25% off right now

Linens 'n Things
This store has several Dora the Explorer items. They sell a dish set. In the set one can get a cup, bowl and plate. The silverware is sold seperatly.
They also have a little backpack that has A pad of paper, stickers, crayons and a few other odds and ends. The back pack was small enough to fit in a purse or Diaperbag and not take up a great deal of room. To me it is like a Handy dandy notebook but Doraish.
They had a small selection here but it was different iteams than I haveseen else where. 

In the Parents magazine, October 2001 issue there is an artical on Dora. The artical was written by Stacy Felsen. The artical talks about why Kids Adore Dora. Stacy Felsen interview CHris Giffors. This is some of what the artical said.
"Q.Why do you think kids are so crazy about this show?
A. They the the characters; DOra is a seven year old Latina who like adventure. Boots, her monkey pal, is the best friend that we all want find. Then there's Swiper the Fox. He's always causing problems.
The show also encourages interaction. Dora turns to the viewers and says,"We need your help" or " We couldn't have done it without you." Preschooler really feel involved with the story.

Q.What was your inspiration for the show?
A. My Kids, Katie 8 1/2, and Henry 6, and the obstacles they run into every day. They can't turn on the light, they can't pour the milk, they can't make their lunch. I wanted to create a show that helped empower kids and give them problem solving tools.

Q. Do your kids take credit for Dora's success?
A. Two years ago, Katie said,"Oh, man!" all the time. I just had to add it to the show . Now that it's Swiper's line. Katie tells everyone that she invented it.

Q. What would you say was your proudest moment on the job?
A. I met an Asian girl who said, "Dora speaks another language, just like me." A lot of children have grown up ashamed of the fact that English is not their first language- maybe this show can help change that.

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